Pittsburgh Tax Review

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Volume 18 Issue 2 (Spring 2021) is now published! 

It includes the following:


  • Thinking Like a Source State in a Digital Economy by Yariv Brauner
  • The 2021 Corporate Transparency Act: The Next Frontier of U.S. Tax Transparency and Data Debates by Diane Ring
  • The Quasi-Global GILTI Tax by Susan C. Morse
  • Corporate Tax: Renewed Fiscal Federalism in the USA, the EU, and Globally for the 21st Century by Tracy A. Kaye & Michel De Wolf
  • Beyond the "Made in America Tax Plan": GILTI and International Tax Cooperation's Next Golden Age by Steven A. Dean
  • NIL Bills—An Examination of the Implications of Compensating College Athletes Under Name, Image, and Likeness Legislation by Brian P. Bunner  


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