Pittsburgh Tax Review

Welcome to the web home of Pittsburgh Tax Review (PTR)! During the 2016-17 academic year, we published our 14th edition. Our upcoming 15th edition for the 2017-18 academic year is currently in production.

Included in the 15th edition will be:

Fall 2017:

Henry Ordower, The Expatriation Tax, Deferrals, Mark to Market, the Macomber Conundrum and Doubtful Constitutionality

Steven Hodaszy and Gregory Krivacek, Learning the Hard Way: Deciphering the Correct Tax Treatment of Graduate Education Benefits for University Faculty

Steven M. SheffrinWhat Role Can Desert Play in Designing Tax Policies?

Spring 2018:

Gwenyth Gamble Jarvi, Thank Hefner Erectile Dysfunction is a Medical Condition: A Period Piece

Shriram T. Eachambadi, Leave It to the Feds – Eliminate the State And Local Income Tax: Proposing a Move Toward a Single-Layer Income Tax System

Danielle Santoro, Rain Clouds to Come for Chicago’s “Cloud Tax”