Pittsburgh Tax Review

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Volume 18 Issue 1 (Fall 2020) is now published! 

It includes the following:


  • Introduction by Danshera Wetherington Cords
  • Institutionalizing Advocacy: Some Reflections on the Taxpayer Advocate Service’s Evolution as an Advocate for Taxpayers by Nina E. Olson
  • Every Taxpayer Counts: Nina Olson’s Impact on Low-Income Taxpayer Clinics by T. Keith Fogg
  • Nina’s Leadership as a Servant Leader and Her Impact on States’ Taxpayer Rights by Diana L. Leyden
  • Nina Olson: A Champion for Taxpayer-Centered Tax Administration by Leslie Book
  • Nina E. Olson: A Legislative Legacy by Danshera Wetherington Cords
  • Humanizing the Tax System: What National Taxpayer Advocate Nina E. Olson Did for America’s Kids and Their Families by Francine J. Lipman
  • Showing Us How to Get It Done: Nina Olson by Caroline D. Ciraolo



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