Pittsburgh Tax Review

During the 2014-15 year, the Pittsburgh Tax Review published its 12th edition, with the upcoming 13th edition for the 2015-16 year currently in production.

Included in the 13th edition will be:

Fall 2015:

Ellen Aprill, The Section 527 Obstacle to Meaningful Section 501(c)(4) Regulation

James Fishman, Who Can Regulatate Fraudulent Charitable Solicitation? 

Philip Hackney, Tied up in (K)Nots: How Recent Federal Legislative Efforts Harmed Oversight of the Charitable Sector

Spring 2016:

Philip Cohen, The Long (v. Commissioner) and Short of the Substitute for Ordinary Income Doctrine

Bobby Dexter, The Hate Exclusion: Moral Tax Equity for Damages Received on Account of Race, Sex, or Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Terri Helge, Rejecting Charity: Why the IRS Denies Tax Exemption to 501(c)(3) Applicants

Oliver Marron, The Characterization of Damages in False Claims Act Settlements